What I Do

Working at Bashton in Bristol I build, mainatin and scale awesome websites and web applications for a variety of amazing clients, mainly on the Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud platforms, using the latest and greatest in DevOps automation tools such as Puppet, Terraform and Fabric.

I am also a Puppet Certified Professional (2016) and Amazon Certified SysOps Administrator (Associate), which gives me permission to use the two lovely badges on the left.

Previously, I lived in central London, working for a wide variety of organisations including ecommerce start-up SecretSales.com and fintech outfit TIM Group, before moving to Bristol for a quieter life!

I am a huge believer in Agile methodologies and DevOps practices, and have presented on the subject at PuppetCamp Stockholm in November 2015. I am also an active contributor to the ServerFault Stack Exchange community.


I have written a number of Puppet modules and open source tools for a variety of purposes, all of which are available as open source software on my GitHub.

In the past I have been a PC performance enthusiast, once liquid-cooling an Intel Q6600 CPU and overclocking it to 3.6GHz. Sadly though, this build has retired in favour of a MacBook Pro, however I still try to keep up with the latest PC hardware developments when time permits.


I occasionally write blog posts on a variety of subjets, mainly technological and related to DevOps, Agile and Cloud practices and tools.


Music has played a monumental role in my life for many years. I own two bass guitars and have dabbled in recording and live sound engineering while at school and college.

My music tastes vary huge amount, from old-school heavy metal, through to more commercial power metal and classic rock and all the way to musical theatre and modern classical.

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